Do You Feel Called?

I did, for years, but I didn't know where to start. My Life Coach Certification was only $65, but taught me nothing I needed to be a successful coach. Online modules and theory may help some people, but not me. I learned to coach by being coached.

My program is 100% individualized. My students receive a blend of life coaching and business coaching. There is nothing cookie cutter about it. I help you go within and follow the longing of your heart. We clear blocks and fears together, and develop your niche and brand. By the time you graduate, and become part of my referral network, you will have a legitimate business and clients. Your success makes my heart so happy!

Meet My Graduates

Meet Denise

Denise Rizk, Certified Life Coach, Wellthy Life Coaching, Called to Coach, Trained by Jamie Dooley

"I am thrilled to have be accepted into the Called to Coach program with Jamie. This lady makes herself available for our scheduled calls, but answers every call or question in between. Jamie focuses on exactly what I need at each session. I successfully accomplished everything I expected and then some! I am confident to coach independently. Thank you Jamie for helping me make this dream come true!"

Denise Rizk, RDH, CLC

Meet Nicki

Nicki Marr, Certified Life Coach, Olive Branch Coaching, Mindset Coach, Intuitive Coach

"For many years I had been told I should look into being a life coach, and that it was a perfect fit for me. I had done some google searches but nothing felt right. I met Jamie in a Facebook group and first reached out to have her coach me. I loved the experience so much I decided to take it further and join Called to Coach. It has been an amazing journey. She has provided top notch coaching, guidance in establishing my own business, and has empowered me to create my best life. I always look forward to my calls with her. I highly recommend the Called to Coach program!"

Nicki Marr, RDH, CLC

Meet Melissa

Melissa Gee, Certified Life Coach, Mindset Coach, Wellness Coach, Action Coach, Called to Coach

"Through Jamie's coaching, I got past obstacles that were holding me back from achieving my business goals in the first few months. She is very insightful in the way she asks you the right questions to make you realize things you never would have thought of. Her methods have helped me on my journey of personal development to the point that I want to help others in the same way. In her Called to Coach program, she helped me find my niche. She is an excellent business coach as well, and has helped me launch my dental staffing agency. She has always been there for me whenever I need assistance or guidance. I highly recommend Called to Coach if you are considering becoming a coach yourself. Jamie will not let you down!"

Melissa, RDH, CLC, Entrepreneur

Could this seat be for you?

Life Coach Certification, Open seat, Coach Training

My post graduate survey results are in! 

What did my first class have to say about their experience working with me to become a coach?

  • Overall Impressions: Excellent
  • Overall Quality: 5 out of 5 stars
  • Honestly, did you need it? Yes-They needed it
  • Overall Value: Worth more than they paid for it
  • Likelihood of recommending it to someone who wants to become a coach (on a scale of 1 to 10): TEN

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