Evolve by Jamie Dooley


It's just YOU against YOU. What you think has great power! Your thoughts are creating the reality you are living, and the perspective you believe is "you." I struggled for a long time. I believe everyone deserves to get to the next level of life, regardless of where you are now, not just people who can afford private coaching! Come Evolve with other women who are fighting the good fight, the war within.

Negative self-talk is actually a habit you can overcome. I believe it is a catalyst in depression, anxiety, procrastination, and suicide.  The good news is that you are in full control of what you think. By having access to top notch coaches who charge thousands of dollars for private sessions, you can slowly build up your ability to drown out the noise and finally hear your higher self speak. She is pure love and positivity. She affirms and builds you up. She is connected to God, and she lives within too.

Let your higher self emerge, and take over. She is ready!

What's included?

  • Regular lives, and Zoom group coaching sessions 1-2 times per month
  • Posts that encourage and connect you with your community
  • Writing exercises and weekly challenges
  • Free 15 minute private coaching calls
  • Personal and professional education in the Evolve Classroom
  • Coaching by Jamie, and other coaches, who all specialize in different fields

All that for just $25 a month? 

YES! And, you can cancel at any time by emailing me to request it. Come check us out. Leave if it isn't for you. You waste more than that on ONE Target run! Do you even remember what you bought last time? Retail therapy has it's place, but it will never get you the kind of JOY you will receive from investing in a relationship with your higher self. She loves you unconditionally. She is intuitive and wise. She knows  the quickest path to anything you desire, including additional income streams! So few women get to know their HS, which is why so many of us suffer. 

Suffering is a choice. Kick the bully within to the curb. YOU CAN THRIVE.

If you don't put yourself first, who will?


EVOLVE Membership

$25 per month on autopay

Cancel Any Time

What are the details?

The group is hosted on Facebook. You must have an account to participate. Women only, limited to the first 100 subscribers. By clicking Subscribe above, you are agreeing to a one month membership, which renews monthly unless you cancel. There is a 7 day money back guarantee for your first month, and you may cancel at any time by emailing info@jamiedooley.com with a written request. Any charges that have already gone through past the first 7 days are nonrefundable. A written request will be honored for the coming month/charge as long as it is 24  hours prior to the charge. See your PayPal or Credit Card receipt for your auto renew date each month. You do not have to have a PayPal account to join. Any credit or debit card is accepted. After payment, visit Facebook and request to join Evolve by Jamie Dooley or click here  https://www.facebook.com/groups/mommembership/

Welcome to the next level of living friend!