Evolve RDH mastermind

(This group is by invite only. If you can see this page, a member thinks you are a good fit!)

Hygienists have the most beautiful hearts! Now that I've coached hundreds of people just like me, I know the specific set of challenges we all face. Many are juggling a home, pet, and kids on top of clinical excellence.  We are all dealing with limiting beliefs and self-doubt. We desire change in our profession, but wonder who we are to be part of it? We have ideas and goals, but are tired at the end of the day. Our cups are empty! 

To rise as a profession, we must first rise as individuals. I wrote that Vision Statement years ago. This is how I intend to help the profession of dental hygiene evolve. We will rise together!

I teach you to figure out why you want something, and let it naturally unfold from there. When we shift the focus from what, how, and where to WHY...everything changes. Studies show we want feelings, not things. And to get the thing you want, you actually have to feel it NOW. I call it "The Reverse Principal."

You get what you focus on. Your thoughts are creating the reality you are living, and the perspective you believe is truth. I struggled for a long time. I wouldn't be where I am today without having my sister coach me toward a new perspective. I was living small compared to my ability because I was afraid of the unknowns. I had good ideas and BIG dreams that would help thousands of people, but said , "Who am I to do this?"  Maybe you wonder the same?

Come Evolve with others who are fighting the good fight right along with you, the war within. Oh, and they just happen to also be hygienists. And many of them have already done what you want to do.  Our community helps each other. We support each other's growth and ideas. These are your people. Each amazing member of Evolve has big dreams for their why. Don't know what your why is? You will shortly after joining this group! Plus, you will have a team behind you to share your name, course, or product all over social media! 

A spouse or friend that isn't in dentistry cannot understand you or support you like one of your own. This group is meant to push each of us a bit further, while re-filling our empty cups. Our live Mastermind sessions will push you beyond your comfort zone and fill you with gratitude in the now--the key to getting more of the good things in life!

What is included?

  • Live Zoom Mastermind sessions twice per month
  • Posts that encourage and connect you with your community
  • Writing exercises and challenges
  • Personal and professional education in the Evolve Classroom
  • Multiple coaches who happen to also be hygienists, but specialize in different fields
  • Unlimited texting with Jamie, a master life and business coach, who has helped hundreds of hygienists hear the whispers of their heart and take action to create their ideal lives
  • Discounts on private coaching (and a retreat coming soon!)
  • Unlike many groups, self-promotion is actually encouraged! We support each other

*Please Note--When you request to join us on Facebook, you will need to put in the name of the person who invited you. This group is for Jamie's past private clients, and those invited by members only. Contact Jamie with questions.


EVOLVE Mastermind membership

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What are the details?

The group is hosted on Facebook, so you must have an account to participate. This group is for people with a background in dental hygiene who want to go deep and transform. Other dental professionals will be considered by request. By clicking Subscribe above, you are agreeing to a one month membership, which renews monthly unless you cancel. There is a 7 day money back guarantee for your first month, and you may cancel at any time by texting Jamie or emailing info@jamiedooley.com with a written request. See your PayPal or Credit Card receipt for your auto renew date each month. You do not have to have a PayPal account to join. Any credit or debit card is accepted. 

After payment, visit Facebook and request to join Evolve RDH Mastermind  or click here  

Let's Evolve together!