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M.O.M. stands for Mind OVER Matter. What you think has great power! It is creating the reality you are living, and the perspective you believe is "you." I struggled for a long time. I want to help you get to the next level of life, regardless of where you are now.

As a woman, we mother in many ways-kids, pets, older parents, younger coworkers, nieces and nephews, and even our husbands and wives! It's common to forget to mother ourselves, but your inner child still needs you! She is calling to you. If even one of these questions resonate with you, it's time to learn how to reconnect with her:

  • Do you have so many ideas and dreams that you can't decide what to take action on?
  • Have you spent so much time focusing on family and/or work needs that you aren't sure who you are or what you want?
  • Do you dream big, but find yourself lacking the confidence needed to make those dreams a reality?
  • Do you enjoy starting things and taking action, but lack the commitment to any one thing to make it successful?

When you were little, you knew what you wanted, but your parents were often the ones who either gave it to you, or said you were silly for wanting it. Now that YOU are in charge of your life, the best way to give your inner child what she needs (and likely still wants) is to remove resistance to it. You have to learn the Art of Allowing.

What will you get? I call them the THREE C'S:


Stop looking for your why and focus on your want. Wanting more is not selfish, it's your birth right. You want expansion for your kids right? You deserve that too. Fuck "should." I help you figure out who you are and what you REALLY want. It's like meeting yourself for the first time!


Stop comparing yourself to others and people pleasing! Authenticity in the most beautiful thing you can wear. I help you connect with your inner badass who doesn't care what other people think. What you think of you is all that matters! If you struggle with self-care and self-love, you cannot afford to pass on this membership. It is the very least you deserve!


Stop wavering and waiting to have it all planned out before you act. That is a cowards game, and YOU ARE A BADASS, ROCKSTAR, GODDESS, REMEMBER? You are not a coward! You are a strong, intelligent, creative being who can have anything she puts her mind to! I will teach you how to stop efforting by harnessing the power of Inspired Action. If things don't go as expected, learn to change the plan, not the goal. No more wishy washy.

Get to know yourself better by learning this constant cycle, and where you fall off. Let your higher self emerge, and take over. She is ready!

All that for just $25 a month? YES! And, you can cancel at any time by emailing me to request it. Come check us out. Leave if it isn't for you. You waste more than that on ONE Target run! Do you even remember what you bought last time? Retail therapy has it's place, but it will never get you the kind of JOY you will receive from investing in a relationship with your higher self. She loves you unconditionally. She is intuitive and wise. She knows  the quickest path to anything you desire, including additional income streams! So few women get to know their HS, which is why so many of us suffer. 

Suffering is a choice. You don't have to live in darkness, boredom, or confusion anymore. YOU CAN THRIVE.

If you don't put yourself first, who will?


New M.O.M. Membership

$25 per month on autopay

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What are the details?

The group is hosted on Facebook. You must have an account to participate. Women only, limited to the first 100 subscribers. By clicking Subscribe above, you are agreeing to a one month membership, which renews monthly unless you cancel. There is a 7 day money back guarantee for your first month, and you may cancel at any time by emailing with a written request. Any charges that have already gone through past the first 7 days are nonrefundable. A written request will be honored for the coming month/charge as long as it is 24  hours prior to the charge. See your PayPal or Credit Card receipt for your auto renew date each month. You do not have to have a PayPal account to join. Any credit or debit card is accepted. After payment, visit Facebook and request to join M.O.M. Membership by Jamie Dooley or click here

Welcome to the next level of living friend!