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After speaking to so many people who are hurting, lost, or confused, but short on finances, I've decided to write a series of short, focused books that can help anyone with a heart and a brain learn to coach themselves through the sea of life. I was my very first coaching client 20 years ago, and I am still making progress today. Mastery isn’t about reaching the upper most level. It is about realizing you never will, so you might as well enjoy the journey and embrace the waves.


Book 1, Meet Your Higher Self and Finally Win the Battle Within

is now available on Amazon!

Group Coaching

Looking for a small, intimate, community of like-minded women who are on a similar journey? Check out my new group EVOLVE!

Private Coaching

For those looking for deeper transformation that requires individualized coaching, I offer a limited number of one on one spots. There are two ways to work privately with me, based on the urgency of your goals and how much accountability you need. No topic is off limits. Here are a few areas I specialize in:

Life Coaching

Business Coaching

Program Development

Career Transitions

Finding your "Why"

Spiritual Growth



Negative Self-Talk

Personal and Professional Goal Setting

Action Plans

Clarity Calls

Energy Work

Personal Visualization Exercises

Cord Cutting

Health and Fitness 

Blocks and Fears

Clearing the Past

Healing Your Wounded Child