"Jamie has been a great help to me! She has made me realize how to become a better me. It is all in the way we think about ourselves and our circumstances and she does an amazing job helping us think through our situations. I highly recommend her book, Self-Coaching Mastery, and her coaching, for anyone who is looking to become more satisfied deep within themselves! Thank you Jamie! You truly are an inspiration and I am so thankful to have  been connected with you."

Fatumba, Amazon Review

"I feel like a kid on Christmas right now! My Called to Coach manual arrived. I love learning and ugh, I am just so happy to be on this path. Thank you Jamie for sharing your passion and gifts with others who want to coach like you. Feeling blessed."


"I sent this to my coach (Jamie) this morning: "I want you to know you changed my life with one sentence!" I think everyone needs a coach. If you are on the fence about what you want, Jamie will show you that by just being "you", you will find the answer. The answer came from within, and I am so thankful I reached out for her help!"


"I came across a live video of Jamie's in a Facebook group. I had already been doing some inner work with my therapist. Her video explained exactly what I was working on. I felt an instant connection with her! I messaged her and the rest is history. After working with her one on one, and one of her former clients who is now a coach, I have revamped my life."


"I've always had a knack for writing. For a long time I desired to start a blog. Fear of judgement has stopped me. Fear of failing has stopped me. Jamie has helped me overcome this and decide to go for it! For ME!"


"I am addicted to being busy. I am a person with a never-ending to-do list and tasks I feel like I must accomplish. I always have projects and plans and ideas. I don't like to sit around and do nothing (relax) because I am fearful that I will not be viewed as productive. I'm currently working hard to break my addiction and overcome my fear. Thank you Jamie!"


"Jamie, you are making a difference! In just one call you made my wants visible to me. In our short conversation you made me aware of importance of clearing the past, saying out loud what I want, and celebrating my wins. You are amazing, and if anyone is uncertain about what they want, you have the ability to direct them in the right direction. Thank you for your love of helping others. You are amazing and appreciated. Much love!"


"The past couple days I had the blessing of meeting Jamie, hearing her speak and just soaking up a lot of wisdom. Thank you Jamie for inspiring me to get moving!"


"I am thankful for my friend and life coach Jamie Dooley. She is phenomenal! From the first time I met her two years ago I knew she was special. I could feel her energy calling my name and all her positive vibes. Thank you Jamie for all that you have done for my personal growth and well-being. #blessed"


"Taking the time to REALLY think about the questions, "What am I good at? What are my values? What am I passionate about?" etc... is difficult when I've been so focused on everyone but myself my entire life. Knowing who you are, what your values are, what you want, and what you're good at is so important. Thank you Jamie!"


"I want to shout out to Jamie for her life coaching programs. Only you can really sit down with yourself and change your life to start living how YOU want."


"Jamie helped me to create my ideal life!  Through her self-study course and private coaching, I was able to find my passion, create a business and take off running with successes! I’ve never felt more alive and fulfilled with myself. You won’t be disappointed in choosing Jamie, I promise! Her soul is so genuine."


'Jamie’s program and coaching have been a game changer in my life. Her ability to really listen and help put together the pieces propelled me forward; I’m doing things I never thought I’d be able to do. She’s helped me shift my perspective not only in my career, but in all aspects of my life. I’m living with purpose, intention, and no limits - so freeing! Thank you, Jamie!!!"


"Guess what I did today? I signed on with Jamie and just had my first session. I had such an enlightening session! I left with much more clarity that it's my Monkey Mind keeping me going round and round, not my desire to be prudent or careful. I now have an action plan. For all of you who may be skeptical to try coaching, I encourage you to try it with Jamie!"


"I was hesitant to start working with a life coach. Was it a foolish pride kind of thing? ...Well fortunately I took a leap of faith and I can honestly say that I always received more help at every single session than I expected. Jamie brought unique perspective to my challenges and concerns that allowed me to try on different mindsets, which directed me to take action--finding new effective paths on the road to pursuing my dreams. Jamie gets my highest recommendation!"


 “I just finished Jamie’s 30 Day Manifesto. I literally want to tell everyone I know about it! It is so dense and deep, helping me to center myself and my vision, and remind me why I want what I want. I knew about manifesting, but she helped me turn my thoughts and dreams into a tangible action plan. I can’t believe what I’ve accomplished since I started it. I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I am without completing 30 Day Manifesto. Jamie will change your life. Her positivity and out of the box thinking will take you to next level in your career. Love Her!” 


“I was living in fear, fear that I would not be able to move out of my corporate job to pursue my dreams. Jamie helped me work through these fears and blocks that were keeping me from reaching my goals with her 30 day manifesto. I had already done a lot on my own, and thought I could keep going that way, but did not realize how much I was holding myself back until I finished the manifesto. Now I have my plan to reach my goals and I know I can do it. I highly recommend that you invest in yourself, you will be surprised at how much closer you will be to reaching your goals.”


“Jamie is so inspirational and has a gift for seeing the entire person – she’s holistic. She is passionate about lifting and empowering each person she coaches. I have no reservation referring clients to her and look forward to more amazing work from her.”


“Words can never express my gratitude to Jamie. I’ve been working with her for the past 2 months and she turned this frenetic mess into someone who is driven and focused with a purpose. Without her keeping me grounded and holding me accountable I wouldn’t be where I am now where I’m actually at the point where I can turns jobs down. She is truly the REAL DEAL. If you’re on the fence don’t hesitate she will deliver and help you create a beautiful abundant future for yourself!” 


“Thank you soooo much Jamie for our chat today!!!! My brain is going crazy with the mental gymnastics on the how’s and why’s for my plans. I can’t wait to get started!! I really didn’t know how beneficial verbally discussing my dreams with you would be. In just 20 min we discovered what I can truly be successful at to get out of the op and into being my own boss – while doing something I’m passionate about!! You are definitely in the right business!”


“I’ve always had many ideas and thoughts and am a very driven person always wanting to do more. I saw others that were working with Jamie quickly making strides and decided I HAD to invest in myself. Let me tell you, it is the best money I have ever invested in myself. Jamie has helped me move so quickly towards future goals and feeling fulfilled. This last month I have felt more fulfilled than I have in about 3 years. Jamie is able to put you in touch with so many hidden gems that you already possess but just need to find. You will be so amazed at what you can awaken inside of yourself, I can promise you that!”


"Big shout out to Jamie! She is the best! Thank you for much for listening and your encouragement. You are an inspiration!"


“I was in a terrible place in my journey… but Jamie was able to make me focus on a few tasks to move myself forward. She is very understanding, calm and motivating. I greatly appreciate her and her gift of coaching.” 


“I needed direction. Some idea of what I want to do next. Jamie helped me focus by giving me tasks. I was surprised at the direction I am actually heading in. Thank you Jamie! I love working with you!”


“I reached out to Jamie in desperation. I was feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and just plain lost in life. I was trying to juggle home life with my passionless career life and had been looking for a change. After talking to Jamie for the first time, I was ready to find “Me” again! She has an amazing ability to hear jumbled thoughts and help you align them into a clearer meaning. She is an honest, kind, very supportive person who will help you push past your fears with the necessary tools in hand . Thank you so so much Jamie!”